Stop Freaking Out

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One of the best ways to alleviate the effects of nervousness is to expect to be nervous for a big WOD. If you anticipate a little anxiety, when it arises your reaction will be, “This is normal, I knew I would feel this way because it’s important to me and I’m excited. No big Deal.” This type of reaction is a lot more effective than, “Oh no! I can’t believe I’m freaking out, how am I ever going to perform well feeling this way?” You have to chill out and realize that being a bit anxious is normal and okay.

Learn to expect some nervousness, and keep a positive perspective about any pre-wod anxiety that you experience. This makes it far less likely that your nerves will have a negative effect on your performance.

Video of The Day:

Have you watched Mikko Salo prepare and do 13.5? His mentality is pretty ridiculous (as in amazing). Watch it HERE


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