Honest With Coaches

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I’m sure you’ve felt annoyed at a coach or like he or she should have said something different or not said something at all. You may perform better with a certain style of coaching. You also may need more or less coaching, depending on the situation or type of workout. You should not assume that each coach you work with knows exactly what pushes you or what bothers you. Assuming will get you nowhere, but clear communication will help you reach your goals.

  • Be honest.  If you need them to be harder on you and really push you, then you have to tell them that. You need to flat-out say, “I need you all over my ass because I really want to make ______ happen. Feel free to yell at me and stay on me”.  If you want more support and encouragement, then just say that. Let your coach if you like when he or she plays cheerleader, or if you hate it. If your coach really helped you get the most out of your WOD today, let him or her know.
  • The more clear and direct you can be with your coaches, the better. If you are attending group classes, and you respond best to one or two coaches, try to be at their classes as often as you can. If you have a personal coach or a couple personal coaches, you should be comfortable being completely honest with what you want more of.

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