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One of the main ways to improve your mental strength, is to seek out situations that are uncomfortable to you. To be your best, you must be willing to take on challenges and face situations that are out of the norm for you. The individuals that are constantly seeking anything new, different and slightly uncomfortable, will be the ones who are the strongest.

This post is specifically for those who want to get to the next level and be competitive athletes.

  • Find the best athletes in your area and go train with them. Make it a point to purposefully challenge yourself by doing WODs with people who you don’t normally train with because they are ‘better than you’.
  • When was the last time you went to another box to train? When was the last time you surrounded yourself with athletes who might crush you in a WOD? Do you run from these types of situations, or regularly seek after training with the best that you know?
  • In the next 10 days, make an effort to get out of your box, or away from your current routine. Message another athlete or group in your area and set up a training session with them. Push yourself to train with athletes that you think might have an edge on you (in one way or another).

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