Danger of Over-Thinking

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You are constantly thinking during WODs and competitions so that you can monitor your body. You will have a ton of thoughts in even a short workout. As long as you can continue to stay positive and continue to use your cue words and mantras, you’ll do great.

One of the dangers of over-thinking is when your thoughts shifts from process (ex: what am I doing now to maximize my performance) to outcome (ex: what if I win, or lose, or don’t finish, or get beat).  You may start analyzing what ‘might happen’ or what ‘could happen’ if you ‘do this’ or ‘don’t do that’.

This is a slippery slope, as these thoughts do nothing to help you perform better.

  • If you catch yourself thinking about the ‘what ifs’ or the outcome, you need to be quick to recognize what’s happening. You need to bring your thoughts back to your movement, breathing and what you need to do to be successful.
  • It is far more important to focus on the process…in everything you do.


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