Watch Yourself Perform Not-So-Great

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Yesterday, in post #76, I talked about using video (of your great performances) to help yourself recreate positive images. Today, I want to review how to use videos of yourself having a ‘not-so-great’ performance.

It amazes me how many individuals have not seen themselves train or perform on video. It is an easy way to see movement flaws and to learn how you can be more efficient. It is also a great way to view your body language, breathing and how you can improve your mental approach.

  • If you watch yourself perform a movement poorly or break down in a WOD, you need to practice visualizing a smooth performance. Recreate the situation in your mind, and make the changes that you need to, in order to improve your performance.
  • Imagine yourself staying calm and confident while you are moving perfectly through the reps. Continue to visualize yourself fixing that ‘poor performance’ with perfect mechanics and the proper mentality.
  • Get comfortable watching yourself ‘break down’ on video so that you can practice mentally rehearsing a more positive performance and outcome.
  • Review the videos with someone you trust (coach, training partner).
  • The more aware you can be of your performance breakdowns, the better you will be at fixing them…therefore having them less often.

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