Watch Yourself Perform Great

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It amazes me how many individuals have not seen themselves train or perform on video. It is an easy way to see movement flaws and to learn how you can be more efficient. It is also a great way to view your body language, breathing, and how you can improve your mental approach.

The more comfortable you can be regularly watching yourself perform (in great WODs and not-so-great WODs), the better. Note what you like and what you want to change.

Video is a great tool that will help you visualize better.

  • When you capture an awesome performance and watch it, you will be able to recreate it much more clearly in your mind.
  • You can visualize your great performance anytime you need to raise your confidence or get fired-up for a WOD.
  • Use visualization of your best performances before competitions, or before a WOD, when you aren’t feeling fully focused, motivated or prepared. Use it when you start to doubt yourself or your abilities.

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