Confidence: Factor #8

1461816_222655134524904_589299195_n is centered around 9 major factors. You need to consistently develop each of these aspects of your mentality, in order to get the most out of your training.

If even one of these aspects is missing or weak, then you simply can’t be your best. As your mentality improves, you will see drastic improvements in your WODs and your life outside the box.

Factor #8: Confidence

Your confidence, or lack of confidence, will determine how you approach everything. To be your best, you must believe in your ability, potential, training, team, and coaching. You must have faith in the process and know that you can get through any situation.

Confident athletes know how to use self-talk to help them get through tough workouts. They know that they will face challenges and get uncomfortable, but they believe that they will come out on top.

Remember, confidence is a desirable characteristic…arrogance is not. That’s why balance and coachability are also factors that make up your mentality.

Are you as confident as you could be?

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