50 Quick Conditioning Workouts

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Get Results in 12 Minutes Or Less

Each conditioning workout has been designed to help you burn fat and build muscle…FAST. With FF Cardio, you will see and feel results in no time, and you will perform better in all of your other workouts.

Stop wasting time with traditional, boring cardio, and start tackling these amazing full-body workouts.

These Workouts Will…

  • Help you burn fat and calories and improve your metabolism
  • Help you build lean muscle and get stronger
  • Make you a better athlete
  • Improve your overall cardiovascular efficiency
  • Work your total body




The Different Types Of Workouts You’re Getting

Bodyweight Crushers – These can be done anywhere, anytime, you just need your bodyweight

DB/KB Smashers – Various kettlebell or dumbbell circuits that will work you from head to toe

Treadmill Torchers – If you have a treadmill, these workouts are what you should be doing

Outdoor Running Blasters – The most effective way to burn fat & get in shape with running

Bike, Rower, & Airdyne Challengers – These challenging intervals will bring maximal results

Blenders – These conditioners incorporate various movements and will definitely leave you huffing and puffing

Barbell Crushers (Advanced) – These workouts are meant to challenge the advanced athlete who is ready to use a barbell to get even greater results


 “The FF Cardio Conditioners helped me lose 6 pounds and 7 3/4 inches, most of which came off of my waist. It was really great considering how hard I’ve been struggling – Melissa, who finished 12 Conditioners in 1 month! 


 “I love these workouts because I can do them anywhere and I don’t have to go to the gym to have an unbelievable training session from head to toe!” – Kara D.
 “I have done almost all of the conditioning workouts and can definitely see a difference in my body. My scores are always improving which keeps me super motivated.” – Ryan Q. 

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IMG_2339-editAbout The Author

Whats up, my name is Dawn Fletcher (CSCS, MA Kinesiology with specialization in Sport Psychology, CrossFit Level 3 Coach) and I created the FF Conditioners! I operate the site MENTALITYWOD.com and love to help others perform better.

I put these FF Conditioners together to help you get the results you want. I have studied every aspect of strength and conditioning and have coached thousands of clients.

I know that you have to train your muscles in order to have a lean, strong body and in order to get rid of extra body fat.  You can’t  dominate your workouts and reach your goals if you don’t train with intensity. I put these workouts together so that I could help you reach your goals, more quickly, with the right combination of movements.



Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 3.31.35 PM

Only $17 

Instant Download of the PDF!

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