5 Ways You’re Wasting Time At The Gym


Are you wasting time at the gym? If any of these things are habits of yours, it’s likely that you are.

1. Checking your phone between sets or parts of your workouts. Do you find yourself posting while training and getting back to non-urgent messages while you’re at the gym? You may use your phone for a timer or to record a video, but when you do, be careful not to respond to messages or check your social media. It’s best to turn it off or put it away while you’re working out.

2. Talking to everyone else about their workouts. Do you find yourself talking to everyone about their score, their programming for the day, and their thoughts about everything else going on at the gym? It may be helpful to check in with your training partners or coaches about the plan and your strategy before you get to work, but that’s about all that matters.

3. Dillydallying while warming up. Do you find yourself doing random movements (without a clear purpose) and taking a long-ass time to warm up? Try writing out your warm up plan and setting a timer for how long you want to prep.

4. Gossiping. Do you find yourself bringing up the “latest” news to others at the gym? How often are you in convos about what someone else said, did or might do? Don’t engage in any conversations that are about the lives and actions of someone who isn’t present; talking down about others is incredibly toxic, and a waste a time.

5. Not having a plan. Are you someone who bounces between programs? Do you randomly pick and choose WODs, movements or exercises based off what others are doing or what looks fun? Do you go to the gym and just “wing it?” It’s best to be on a specific program and know what plan you’re going to try to follow before you even get to the gym. This will help you stay on track, be more efficient and get the results that you’re looking for.

Maybe there is another way that you’re wasting time at the gym that I haven’t listed here. Take an honest look at what you’re doing from the moment you walk in the doors, until the moment you leave. Decide how long you want to be there each day, and keep yourself on track.

If you’re spending unnecessary time at the gym, you’re likely not getting the results you want. You’re missing out on more focused, intentional training. There are probably some other areas of your life that are being neglected because you’re not giving them enough attention.

So, how do you stop wasting time? 

You start by building awareness of your habits. Read each of the related posts below and consider what changes you’re going to make ASAP. Then, start implementing those improvements today.

Comment below with what you’re going to cut back on or change.

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