Optimism: Factor #3

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This week I am  highlighting each of the 9 factors that make up your mentality. You need to develop these factors in order for you to get the most out of your training.

3. Optimism (check out the 9 aspects in About The Site)

You have to be optimistic to be able to push through WODs and to get the results you want. Optimism is simply a positive mental attitude.

You are going to face unfortunate circumstances and you will face situations that aren’t going to feel easy. We all will, very often. Optimistic athletes are able to see these moments as challenges and recognize that they have control over how they move forward. You can decide to change your perspective and speak positively.

If you are constantly having negative thoughts about yourself, your ability and your workout…there is no way you can do your best in a WOD or a competition. Negative thoughts and words literally crush your ability to perform well.

Are you as optimistic as you could be?

  • Check out Post #34, #55, #57 & #60 for more on how to remain positive even when you are really struggling
  • Wise old Abe Lincoln described a pessimist as someone who “finds difficulty in every opportunity,” while an optimist is someone who “finds opportunity in every difficulty.”  This principle is particularly true in training and sport. 


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