Motivation: Factor #2

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This week I am going to highlight each of the 9 most important parts of your mentality. If you can focus on improving each of these factors, you will begin to see huge results in your WODs.

2. Motivation (check out all 9 aspects in About The Site)

A high level of motivation is necessary to get the most out of your training. Motivation is simply your drive to achieve results and success.

Your motivation will change from time to time, depending on a ton of other lifestyle factors. You must find what really makes you tick and now how to get back on track. You have to always re-evaluate why you want to train so hard and why you want to improve. Your ‘why’ is literally more important than anything in the world (for everything you do).

  • Take a few minutes right now and get to the bottom of what motivates you to train or compete. When you think you have the answer, ask yourself why you want that. Then ask yourself why you want that. Continue to do this until you have a solid mission statement. Feel free to tweet it to me and tell me why you train (@mentalitywod).

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I am here to help you further develop your motivation for training, improving and competing.

Do you have the highest level of motivation that you could?

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Quote of The Day

One of the biggest adaptations we see in CrossFit is mental. I knew I needed this more than anything and sought coaching with Dawn Fletcher. The most important thing that I learned from working with Dawn is to remember what I can control and what I can’t. Worrying about things that are out of my control only wear me/slow me down. I have become much more aware of where my mind is during WODs and this has made a HUGE impact on my performance. I look forward to continuing to work with her as I work toward my goal of competing in the CrossFit Games!” – Miranda O, CrossFit HQ

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