It Has To Be

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The most important part of having a goal is that it motivates you. It has to be important to you, and you should be able to express why it matters so much that you attain it.

You won’t put the necessary training into a goal that isn’t that appealing to you, or that is simply to satisfy someone else. Instead, choose something that is valuable to you and that fires you up.

Each time you think you want to achieve a new skill or get better at a movement, ask yourself this question, “If someone were to ask me why do I want to do this, what would I tell them to convince them it was a worthwhile goal?”

You’ll want to strongly believe that achieving and driving for the goal will make you better or that the goal is something you’re incredible passionate about and feel is purposeful.

The stronger your will, the more likely you will fight to achieve that goal. Make sure you’re going after something that you really want to achieve.

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