13.1 Has Arrived


For each week of the 2013 Open I will pick an important topic, make a few tips and suggest some Mentality WOD Posts that apply to the workout. I want you to perform your best and feel great about each WOD. These 5 weeks are a true physical and mental challenge, and you have to be calm, focused and confident to get the most out of yourself.

For 13.1 you will be using a lot of self-talk to get yourself through the 17 minutes. I want to tell you about the difference between mantras and cue words, the 2 types of self-talk that you should focus on for this WOD.

  • During The Burpees – Use your mantras. Tell yourself to keep breathing, keep going, that it’s easy, that you feel light and that you can always get one more…then one more…
  • During The Snatches – Use your cue words. You will need to get right into your technique cues. Big hips, pull under. Get tight, high elbows. Set, open, drop. Keep it to a couple of key words that you know will help you perform the movement efficiently.
  • Do not look at this WOD as 17 long minutes, or tons of reps. Break it down to little sets. 5 at a time, 10 at a time. Get through the burpees, then focus on the snatches. Get through the snatches in small sets, then think only about the next set of burpees. A few reps at a time, a few small chunks at a time…and before you know it….17 minutes are done and you left it all out there.
  • Read Posts  12, 30, 31, 33 which give you great tips about how to focus and how to take on an important workout.
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