Don’t Overgeneralize

(060) Generalizing is Bad

Don’t make the mistake of generalizing an entire workout or a movement as “bad” when you have made just a small mistake.

What do I mean?

  • You mess up a few times on your box jumps during a long met-con….that doesn’t mean you freaking suck at box jumps.
  • You couldn’t get your toes to touch the bar today, but you were connecting them last week….that doesn’t mean you’ll never get them again.
  • You got no-repped on your HSPUs because you didn’t lock out all the way…that doesn’t mean you’re horrible at HSPUs.
  • You made some mistakes…that doesn’t mean you’re never going to get it right.


I hear it all the time. Athletes are always making generalizations, especially negative ones. You may find that you want to work on your technique, or you want to practice controlling your movement a bit more. An isolated incident does not mean that you’ll never improve and you can decide to keep a positive mindset.


If you catch yourself making “negative-generalizations”, stop yourself, recognize it, and make sure you don’t do it again.


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