Success Guaranteed Movements To Pick You Up

(057) Success Guaranteed

Have you ever finished a workout and just felt horrible about your performance? It didn’t go how you wanted it to? You messed up a lot? You’re upset about it, and just want to leave.

Sure, sometimes this is going to happen, and you may not always leave your box feeling on top of the world. I am not suggesting that is even realistic. But, you may not want to leave feeling angry, pissed, down or negative if you can help it.

Try this

  • If you had a rough WOD, wait until after you’ve cooled down with the class, then go bang out some reps of a movement that you know you can do. This is a ‘success guaranteed’ movement, meaning that you can do it easily, without any problems. Maybe knock out 50 pushups, sittups, or pullups. Basically, finish with some great reps of a movement that feels good to you, and then you can head out of the gym.

It helps.

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