Count Negative Words

(055) Count Negative Words

The next time you enter your box, for a WOD, I want you to try something. For the hour that you’re there (before, during and after class), I want you to count how many negative words you hear.

If you say something negative, count it. If another member does, count it. If you’re coach is going on a rant, and you hear some negativity, count it.


“This is going to suck”

“I’m horrible at these”

“I know I won’t be good at that”

“I will never be able to do them”

“I hate when they program those”

To get extra points, refer back to this post and leave a comment with how many negative statements or words you heard in that hour.

You choose your words. This drill will further your awareness, and hopefully steer you further and further away from negativity.


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