Creating All Sorts of Stress

(051) Creating All Sorts of Stress

Stress is a crazy thing. Everyone has to deal with the pressures that come with training and life.  Some people create more stress in their lives than others simply because of how they perceive things.

Some stressors are internal and some are situational. A lot of the times, we create stress with our own internal thoughts.

You create all sorts of stress with thoughts such as:

  • I have to be able to do it myself
  • I gotta prove how right I am or how good I am
  • I can’t make mistakes
  • Everyone needs to love me
  • If I am criticized then I must be doing something wrong
  • I can’t ask for help, other people wouldn’t understand
  • I can’t show any weakness

When you think these things, your mentality will suffer, and your WODs will be impacted. Analyze why you are feeling them and where those thoughts come from. Re-center yourself with deep breaths and focus on what really matters and what you control.

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