Limitations or Challenges


You know you’d be a better athlete if you were 2 inches taller? You think you’d be better if you were just a few years younger? Always wishing that you started on this program 5 years ago? You wish you could just build muscle quicker (like some of the other guys)? Maybe you are going through a physical setback and just want to be 100% again.

Do you often catch yourself thinking about your limitations? Thinking about what you can’t do, or things that you wish you could? Do you say things like “If I just were ____, then I could ____”.


  • Change your perspective. View any “limitations” as challenges. Limitations keep you from doing things, challenges invite you to do what you can.
  • Decide that you love challenges, that challenges are good for you, and that they bring out the best in you. You are who you are right now and that is perfect.
  • You can make changes and control your training and outlook. It’s likely that you can’t control your limitations. Therefore, don’t call them limitations, call them challenges. 

Now, go face and embrace them. Overcome. Push on.


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