Reassess Often

(049) Reassess Often

Are your goals unrealistic or too lofty? The only way to know if you have set a realistic goal is to consistently reassess where you are in relation to it. Having a big goal is great, and I encourage you to strive after your hopes and dreams, regardless of how crazy they may seem. But, you will only progress towards that goal if you are regularly taking the necessary action steps.

If you wrote a goal on the whiteboard 3 months ago, when was the last time you measured how close you were to hitting it?

If you want to increase your Deadlift, have you been training your posterior chain as much as you planned?

If your goal is to run a faster mile, when is the last time you checked your time or ran sprints?

Did you plan to have 20 unbroken muscle-up by now? Or maybe even just one?

Your goals are not set in stone and it is important to reassess them often (ideally with a coach or training partner). If you are not currently seeing progress because you’re not taking the right action steps, you may need to break your goals down even further. Or, you could get on a more specific, consistent training plan to start seeing bigger results, quicker.

Quote of The Day

“Disappointments never killed anyone, but they sure make successes feel great.” – Anonymous

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