Fun Outside of The Box

(048) Fun Outside the Box

When was the last time you did something fun, that did not involve wall balls or power cleans? I know that you love this sport and you have a blast when you’re hanging out at your box. Maybe you want to spend your weekends working on drills and you can’t imagine spending your free time doing anything other than working on your strength and speed.

  1. Have you pushed your other interests and hobbies to the side, because you are so focused on improving every aspect of your fitness?
  2. What are three things (that are done outside of the box) that you have an absolute blast doing?
  3. When was the last time you did any of them?
  • Make it a priority, each week, to do things you are passionate about, outside of the box. Even if you have to force it. Continue to find new activities that you enjoy, so that you stay balanced.  This will improve your mentality, and make you a better athlete. This will also keep people from calling you an obsessed, cult member [joke, kinda].


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