Your Own Purpose

(045) Your Own Purpose

If the first thing you are thinking each time you enter the box is something like “I hope I beat Fred” or “All I want to do is lift more than Jess”,  then you will often leave disappointed. You’ll get caught in constantly judging your success based on where you stack up to those other people. Of course, checking out the scores that motivate you and having competitions is awesome. It’s one of the main benefits of utilizing the whiteboard.

But…do not fall into the habit of mainly focusing on beating someone else.  Do not fall into the habit of walking in the gym and heading straight to the whiteboard, to base your goals strictly off of someone’s scores.  The first thought when you walk into the box, should not be about that person’s score that you “need” to beat, “should” beat or “have” to beat.

  • Instead, walk in the box, remind yourself of why you’re there and what you want to accomplish to be a better you. Check your journal or recent performances, and set some goals for the WOD based on what you have done in the past (or have not done, that want to do). Once you do this, you may, or may not want to check out your competition. But remember, it’s most important to have your own purpose.

Quote of The Day

“In my 24 years of figuring out who the hell I am, I have finally figured out that I don’t want to be anyone but myself. CrossFit has taught me that comparing myself to others will get me nowhere. Hard work will. Not f*cking wishful thinking. Not hoping and dreaming to be like someone else. Setting my goals high and working to accomplish those goals are what make me who I am.” Juli Bauer

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