Not Too Much, Not Too Little


As an athlete, you must become aware of the direction of your stress. Is it helping or hurting your workout? A certain amount of stress is necessary for optimal performance and can really help you feel invigorated and pumped.

Too little stress often means boredom, and lack of a challenge and struggling to find motivation. A moderate amount of stress provides alertness and activation.  Lastly, too much anxiety, fear, pressure, nervousness or panic can drastically decrease your performance.

  • As often as you can, give yourself a quick ‘stress check’ before a WOD.  Only you can control and maintain your best zone (not too much, not too little). You can do this by checking your body language and by monitoring your thoughts.

Strategies on how to control your emotions can be found in Section 4 (The Adaptable Athlete) in The Mental Edge Program for WODs & Competitions 

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One thought on “Not Too Much, Not Too Little

  • Jillian

    100% came to this realization on Friday that my stress overcame me and tookover my workout in a negative way so I took a much needed rest this weekend, time to reboot and get after it again!