Post-WOD Notes

(040) Post-WOD Notes

This tip is especially helpful to those who are beginners, or athletes who feel like they aren’t improving at the speed they’d like to. Make sure you are tracking your WODs and your results (obviously). But, you should also keep notes in your journal about how you felt that day about your performance.

I suggest jotting down 1 area you’d like to improve on for next time and 2 things that you are happy about. It can just be quick bullet points if you want. Try this for at least a month and you will become much more aware and confident for future WODs.

Ex:   “Running– felt slow and sloppy : Pumped about my front squat PR, even after a few missed lifts & that I didn’t have to break up my pullups”


Article of The Day:

10 Tips for Success For The CrossFit Newbie

Quote of The Day:

“As a strength and conditioning coach I consistently use physically challenging training sessions to mentally challenge the athletes I work with. The mental training tips I give them to deal with the stress of training and competition come directly from Fletcher Fitness and the Mentality WOD. They want to be the best so I’m giving them the best information from a trusted source. Personally, I use them as well being a strength athlete turned crossfitter. It has definitely been a process coming from a low rep/high rest style of training and I wouldn’t be where I am at today without Dawn’s help.” – Wendell R., Assist Strength Coach at USC

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