Know Your Obstacles

(039) Know Your Obstacles

Self-subversion is the conscious effort to understand your mind. You should constantly evaluate your thoughts and behaviors.  By analyzing and becoming more aware of yourself, you can further understand your fears, successes, motivation, let-downs, stressors, and actions.

This type of self-probing makes individuals uncomfortable, uneasy and threatened…that is why it is avoided. Most people just go through the motions and do not dig deeper.  I’m guessing you don’t want to be most people, you want to be better than most people.

Pick which 2 aspects of your mentality you feel are the weakest, right now, in your training.  Here are your options.

  • Awareness – Deep understanding about your thoughts, emotions, goals and actions; knowing yourself.
  • Motivation – Driven to succeed at all costs; willing to do what it takes.
  • Positivity – Having a constantly optimistic outlook.
  • Focus – A strong vision on the controllable factors. Ability to direct attention and effort solely to your purpose.
  • Strength – The quality of mind that enables a person to face challenges, discomfort, and to persevere.
  • Emotional-Control – Ability to adapt to different conditions; to control your stress and level of excitement.
  • Coachability – Ability to take direction and to learn effectively.
  • Confidence – Belief and faith in your ability, potential, training, team, and coaching.
  • Life-Balance – Ability to sustain control over what is really important; wellness.

To get to the next level, share these thoughts with your support team and make a plan to conquer those obstacles. Also, don’t worry if you struggle with any of these factors (we all do)…I’m here for you, email me to do a free assessment for coaching, or grab access to The Mental Edge Program by clicking below.



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