Pick a Word

(038) Pick a Word

Pick a word, any word. Well, not any word. Pick a simple word that reminds you how to stay positive, confident, calm, etc.
Examples: easy, smooth, steady, breathe, fun, go….whatever works for you.
Try writing this word on your hand, the ground or the whiteboard in front of you.

This is a great technique when you are facing a WOD that you know is going to be tough for you. It’s also great to try when you’re training alone or if you just need an extra push.

It is much harder to think “this sucks” & “this is hard” when you are staring at the word “EASY”.
If you look away for a second, bring your eyes right back to that word.

Some people need it all the time, and some people will only use it for specific situations. Try it. This technique will carry over to better thought processes in future WODs.

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