Wasting Valuable Energy


You waste valuable energy every time you focus on the factors that you can’t control. Think of this as adding weight to a backpack that you have to carry around with you while you train.

Each moment that you spend worrying about factors that you can’t control and the ‘what ifs’, you are adding 5 lbs to your shoulders. You are wasting energy that you could be spending on factors that you can control like training, visualizing and preparation. Ever do a WOD with a weight vest? Yea, it’s like that, but worse.

  • When you catch yourself stressing about factors you can’t control, quickly bring your thoughts back to something that you can control. Then, focus on controlling the factors which you have influence over. You may even have to start making a mental list (or actually writing down) the things that you can control, so that you remember there is always something you can do to improve your situation or environment.

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