Or You Could Look At It Like This

(034) Or You Could Look At It Like This

“I’m always slower than her, I shouldn’t even try anymore.” “James beats me every time we do bodyweight WODs, it makes me feel so weak and defeated.” I am guessing you have thought something like that before. You are sick of _____ beating you and edging you out every single time you do _____.

That’s one (unproductive) way to think about the situation. Or you could look at it like this…

  • “Damn, I’m only 20 reps behind James, who is one of the fittest in our box, I’m doin alright.”
  • “She got me in this WOD because her pullups are stronger, I better ask her for tips.”
  •  “___ is a badass Regionals Competitor and I love working out with him because I strive to keep up (even though most of the time I can’t) and it makes me a better athlete.”

You get what I mean.

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