Big Event Nerves

(030) Big Event Nerves

You’re getting prepped for a big WOD or an event, and all of a sudden you’re sweating and your stomach is turning. You’re a little nervous and anxious.

These signs can be interpreted in two different ways and can produce very different reactions.

  1. If you view anxiety as negative and threatening, it will clearly hurt your performance. 
  2. If you see it as an indication that you’re getting prepared for a big event, that the feeling is not anxiety, but rather excitement, then you will see it much more positively.

Your body will begin to react and send you signs that it is ‘getting ready’ to perform. You decide how you view these feelings. Whenever this happens, decide that the nerves you are feeling are going to energize you. You are ready, excited, prepared, pumped and optimistic.

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