How You Deal

(027) How You Deal

How do you deal with a bad WOD? Are you constantly thinking about what went wrong and wishing you could do it over again? Part of dealing with humbling or tough workouts is knowing that you can’t be perfect all the time. Each WOD is a chance to grow, learn, and get better as an athlete.

After a workout, take notes or think about what you want to improve on. Then remind yourself that you got better today, because challenge is good for you, both mentally and physically.

Quote of The Day

“Understanding that the voice in your head is going to try to make you doubt yourself is what makes it OK to feel vulnerable. But this is where you have to understand and come to terms with it; you can never be perfect. That is what I try to welcome, that voice will always be there, it’s how well you can train it. I won’t even program my own workouts, I would over-think them too much and doubt myself. This is partly why I have a coach program my workouts and I just have to follow, feel, and learn.” – Joey Warren – Read the rest of this post in the AOTD

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Discussing Mental Fitness with Joey Warren

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