Change It Up


If you’re feeling unmotivated and zapped of your energy, you need to make some changes. If your current routine isn’t noticeably helping you improve, then you probably aren’t getting as much out of the WOD as you could be.

Here are 5 suggestions

1) Try something new and fresh. If going to the same gym to do your same routine doesn’t make you tick, you gotta mix it up. Try a new sport, a different type of workout, or buy a few sessions with a trainer.

2) Vary who you workout with. If you’re always in a group, try working out alone. You may just need a workout partner, or a new group of motivated faces that can push you.

3) Switch the time of day that you are training. You may think that the evening is ideal, but again if that isn’t working for you, try another time for a couple of weeks and see if that helps.

4) Change your environment. Get outside! Being active outdoors is something that we can always do more often. The benefits of being outside are simply undeniable. Try a bodyweight routine at a park, go hiking, play volleyball or bring a kettlebell to the beach.

5) Take a break. Are you working out a ton? Getting yourself to training, but still not giving the effort you’d like to? Feel like you’re going through the motions, but you’re not motivated at all. If you are constantly thinking about your sport or your next training session, you may need to take a break. Take a couple of days off and focus on your eating, recovery and rest so that you can get back into intense training.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut…try making changes to your training environment, the time you train or the people you train with.

Remember to stay positive, and if you don’t look forward to it, it will be very hard to stay consistent. Try one or more of my five suggestions as soon as possible. Want some more motivation? Make sure you’re following on Twitter.

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