Focused on Fears


Can’t stop thinking that the bar is going to crash down on you during a Snatch? Afraid of missing a box jump and scraping your shins? Do these types of fears and thoughts keep you from getting to the next level?

  • Replace those thoughts with cue words about the specific movement. Think a couple major aspects of the move that are going to help you successfully complete it. Repeat them over and over again.
  • Make sure to practice plenty of reps at a weight or height that you are competent in. Then, when it is time to move up, get focused on those cue words instead of being focused on your fears.


Consider an event that has a 20 ft rope climb. Instead of thinking about falling down the rope and fearing the height, you can focus on cues  like  “clamp, stand, knees up, clamp, stand, knees up” (or something similar to that).


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