Keep Calm

(019) Keep Calm

This is one of the most valuable strategies in CrossFit and life. Piggybacking off of yesterday’s post, it is important that we know how to get fired up, and how to calm down. Between workouts or events (in a competition), you have to relax and be able to get calm. When something goes wrong in a WOD or you miss a rep, you may need to chill out to make sure you don’t waste useful energy.

When there is a lot going on and everything seems loud and crazy, you need to be able to get centered and calm.

Tips To Get Calm

Practice taking deep breaths

Use visualizations

Listen to calming music

Relax your muscles

Reminding yourself what you can control

Think about comforting thoughts (people, memories, prayers)

Picture of the Day:

Chris Spealler knows how to get fired up and how to become calm and cool when he needs to. This separates him from his competitors.









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