Be Quiet


We are “doing” all day long. Our minds are constantly on the go, and we are always trying to keep up with what’s next. One of the best practices that I do, and suggest is to take daily quiet time. In fact, I think it’s best if we do this throughout the day, numerous times.

Get in the habit of putting down what you’re doing, turning off all distractions, and just taking a damn break.

  •  Implement at least 20 minutes a day of quiet, alone time. Put your electronics away, take deep breaths and just be quiet and still.
  • You can do this with a purpose (meditating on a certain topic, prayer, etc.) or you can just let your mind wander.

You might need to actually schedule this in your calendar/planner in order to make it part of your daily routine. Just make sure you take some time to be quiet with your thoughts, every single day, with no interruptions.


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