Run Through The Line


How you finish means more than where you finish.

Challenge yourself to finish strong no matter what place you’re in or what’s going on.

  • Don’t finish early or stop when there are 10 seconds left on the clock.
  • Do not jog to the finish line.
  • If you can get 1 more rep, 13 more steps, or shave 6 seconds off of your time…you better make it happen.

Someone, somewhere, is working like crazy, for any little improvement.

So, as you get to the end of your next workout, remember this:

  • Keep moving through the end of the WOD and finish with all that you have.

“I have become much more aware of where my mind is during WODs and this has made a HUGE impact on my performance. I look forward to continuing to work with her (Coach Dawn Fletcher) as I work toward my goal of competing in the CrossFit Games!” Miranda Oldroyd

One thought on “Run Through The Line

  • Brett Woodward

    I rowed a 1:25.8 500m PR the other day, but I coasted in the last 10m. I worked so hard and then stopped short.

    I started getting lazy at some point in the past and would coast the last 15m or so in practice. Now, it has happened when it shouldn’t have. Since then, I have been practicing rowing through the zero so it won’t happen again on race day.

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