Psych Up or Shut Down


Psych Up : verb(Psychology) (tr, adverb) Informal to get (oneself or another) into a state of psychological readiness for an action, performance, etc.

You will come up short, have setbacks, miss big lifts, get no-repped, fall down, and have your weaknesses exposed. Accept this and realize you choose how you react. You can use setbacks to psych yourself up, or you can choose that it’s just too hard and start to shut down. Use those frustrating moments to fuel your fire.

*In the picture above, I am right there screaming at Rich Froning, along with all the other people who were trying to coach him up the rope. That was at The Games in 2010. It was one of the craziest and most defining moments I have ever seen. Guess what happened over the next three years? Rich chose to psych up, not shut down.



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