You Can’t Go Green All The Time


Red is resting, yellow is moving relatively comfortably, and green is going all-out. Optimal training requires you to spend time at red, yellow and green. Life requires this as well. But, we all seem to think that green is better, or required…when that’s not the case at all.

  • You can’t be green all the time. You will burn out and be unable to finish longer bouts. You can’t sustain max intensity, and you’ll mentally fatigue and push yourself to a breaking point after time. It is physically impossible to go green all the time and you’ll wear yourself out (and those around you).
  • Practice spending time in red, yellow and green and understand that max effort should be reserved for shorter workouts, and for certain times during your day when it’s important to be efficient and proactive.

Quote of The Day

“If you go at it 100% every day, you will not survive. I can guarantee it. The workouts are tougher than flesh and blood” – Coach Glassman


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