10 Distorted Thinking Patterns To Watch Out For




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This list is SO DAMN GOOD. I have written about almost every one of these topics on MENTALITYWOD.COM

  • Overgeneralization – Read more about how common this can be when you’re trying to reach a fitness goal in “Don’t Generalize”
  • Diminishing The Positive – Want to learn more about how you can control your thoughts, and you can stay positive? Read this one, “3 Very Strong Words” 
  • Jumping To Conclusions – If you’re regular assuming that you know what’s going to happen, or what someone thinks about you, read more about how to fix this in “Are You A Negative Psychic?”
  • Labeling – If you think this way, and you feel like you’re never where you want to be or just not good enough, you gotta read this one, “Do You Fear Not Measuring Up

Which ones are you using too often?

We can all get caught up in thought patterns that are distorted and unhelpful. It’s okay. The key is becoming more aware, and learning how to effectively change your thoughts so that you can feel more calm, confident, and hopeful. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful and can cause us to feel doubtful, pissed or anxious.

Learn how to identify unhelpful thought patterns and develop better ways of thinking.


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