What To Do When You Start To Compare Yourself


Do you start to get frustrated, down or full of doubt when you…

see that someone hit a heavier lift than you can?

watch a video of a competitor crushing your time for a workout?

hear about this new athlete who is dominating competitions?

Is your social media is blowing up with people who are posting better numbers than you have? Does it have a negative impact on your mentality?

5 Reminders For When You Get Frustrated By The Success Others Are Having

1. You’re wasting valuable energy by concerning yourself with what someone is doing. You can’t control it. Stop following what that person is doing (unfollowing certain people on social media can be very helpful), and get back to what you can influence ASAP.

2. Think about how capable you are and what you CAN do. Check your results and spend some time reflecting with a coach.

3. They are not you. They have their own desires, goals and motivations. They may be seeking something that you’re not, and they are on an entirely different path than you are. Good for them!

4. Just because someone does something once, doesn’t mean they’ll be able to repeat it or do it in competition. It also doesn’t mean that he or she is a better athlete than you.  All that matters, is who is able to adapt and perform at a particular time when it matters most. Always remember that ANYTHING can happen. That’s why you play the game!

5. Check your ego and remember that you’re far more than your performance. Does your belief in yourself fluctuate based on how you compare to others? Are you always looking for feedback based on where you measure up?

6. Remind yourself of your goals and purpose. Are any of your goals related to beating one person at a lift or a workout? If they are, change your damn goals. If not, remind yourself of what you’re working to accomplish and why.


What helps you when you start to compare yourself? Add your comment below!


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3 thoughts on “What To Do When You Start To Compare Yourself

  • Christy Jeffery

    I deal with comparing myself to others by using the 4th tip you’ve listed. I’ve also noticed I’m so much happier now that I realize I am only in control of myself, and I can’t control or predict what anyone else can or will do. I now just continue to make improvements to my game and do the best I can; worrying about others can be extremely toxic in the gym when it gets out of control!

  • Adam

    The only person you should compare yourself to is your former self. As long as you’re making progress, just keep doing what you do – don’t get yourself down because you’re not as strong or ripped as some other guy. Who knows how long he’s been working out, or what other advantages he has that you might not have.